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My experience in numbers

hours of individual and group coaching.

leaders and coaches in training programs 1 week up to 1 year.

years facilitating processed based trainings for leaders, coaches and teams.

years of coaching people about love & relationships.

years solid as #1 in the Swedish Business Book Club with my book FUN as a Business Idea.

About STEFAN WETTERHOLM – ’The WeZone Guy’

The ability to bridge different worlds developed as a necessity.

Being born into a family with a Swedish Head of Psychiatry father and an Italian Prima Ballerina (Swan-Lake etc.) mother, made me from an early age needing to bridge and understand both creativity and structure.

Growing up in Sweden at that time, this versatility and mixed culture obviously seemed strange to others. Being hard to label, it created issues for me fitting in. 

Later on being a part of the first wave of exchange students to the U.S, it again presented a ‘How to fit in-process’.

What a beautiful drive to learn all about connection and bridging differences.

With this background, I often find myself bringing structure to creative clients and creativity to very structured clients.

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My service is to help people thrive together in a polarized world.

This by boosting the ability to bridge people’s differences, unite and get the best from each other in teams and organizations.

I call it Activating Your WeZone.

Let’s develop your ’Street Wisdom’ – The implementation of self-awareness bridged with research. The attitude and ability to spot potential, act on it and find ways to make situations work.

To help you and your team to really take off, I’m happy to bring 25 years experience of facilitating seminars and processed based trainings.
My book FUN as a Business Idea is a bestseller and spent three years at #1 in the Swedish Business Book Club. (Coming in english spring 2020)

The inspiration for this work was developed by studying Development Psychology, attending years of Existential Therapy Trainings and Meditation Retreats.

I also hold a degree in Economics & Marketing and learned Entrepreneurship by running my own businesses since a young age.

I share my time between Europe and Bali.

My intention for an exciting WeZone future is:

  • – International Speaking Engagements.
  • – Online Trainings: Supporting leaders and teams to be their best.
  • – Mentoring a few teams that want to ‘take on the world’. We work live and via Zoom. Can be start-up, special development unit, rock group etc.
  • – Mentoring a few organizations that want to implement the WeZone-concept to keep all teams giving their best. Mixing Keynotes, Live Workshops and Train-The-Trainer Programs educating your own in-house coaches.
  • – Finding the international Publishing House to publish my next book.
  • – Surprise project. Please pitch your idea!Working with other speakers, coaches and trainers is extra fun.



to get the best from each other in your team.


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