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When do you need your people to give their very best?

Weather you create products, services or great relationships, your success comes down to your ability to make people willing to give their very best together with you.

But what is it that make us give our best? What do successful leaders, high-performance teams and great lovers all have in common?

They all know how to connect and form strong bonds to get the best from people.

Their secret is their ability to create a strong authentic sense of We.

With the WE-CORE Coaching Process you can choose to focus on:


Creating We-magic in your team
to make people willingly want to give their best.


Defining your most successful leadership style
based on what you do best. Delegate the rest.


Increase team clarity, flow and output
by clarifying your deeper team purpose (WHY), individual roles and business work-structure.


Creating Love-Flow in your relationship
by awakening the power of We-creation.

The WE-CORE Coaching Process Is designed to be surgical and direct by:


Applying a practical street-wise approach, building your awareness and in-the-moment seeing of what needs to be done.


Extracting and only focus on the 1 – 3 issues that will
impact you and your team the most.


Understanding the underlying core principles at work.


Translating your issues into daily proactive habits and
monitoring the impact on you and your team.


Making an ROI on your personal growth as a leader.

WE-CORE can easily be made to align with your lean-implementation, change-management or culture integration work.

In a coaching program we always start with questions like:
** What do you want to create?
** When do you want it?
** What is stopping you?
** What is the right order of events?
Then we see what serves you and your team the best on your journey.

I work with management teams, high performance teams, individual leaders and couples. Upon availability.

When do you need your people to give their best?

‘After working with team-building most of my career, with Stefan I have now experienced an even faster way to reach the WE together.

Hans Hadding
Former Manager of Leadership Trainings
Swedish Armed Forces

‘Already in the first session I saw my possible future. By un-cluttering my business, focusing my offer and by building real relationships with my ideal clients, it actually solved most of my perceived problems in one go.’

Ida Ayu Suci Levi
Jakarta, Indonesia

‘I find this approach approach fun, fresh and straight on.
Stefan presents connection in a very simple and usable way.
I recommend this work to anybody serious about their work as well as having a truly juicy and loving relationship in their lifetime.’

Gabriela Castillo 
Spiritual teacher & Healer to the stars
Miami, USA