We know that it’s only together we are able to make our projects really take off.

We also know that to give our best, we need to feel our best. Feeling trust, a strong sense of we as well as having a clear vision going forward.

What more do we need to do to solve the big challenges, implement lasting change and create the needed flow in the daily operations?

  • What do all team members need to know for you to create a dream team?
  • How to build the right team foundation to release the potential in your team and project?
  • How to find the right balance between focusing on the business and the human side of work?
  • What leadership is needed to counter polarization and other dividing trends in society?
  • How to bridge trust-gaps and get people onboard in difficult conversations, conflicts or during crunch time?

Tags: #WeZone #Together #Connection #Trust #EssenceOfLeadership #EssenceOfTeamwork #ProjectManagement #ChangeManagement #Lean #Agility

The #Together talk is delivered in a 18-minute TED-format up to a 1,5 hour talk.

The longer version obviously creates more impact whith time for some simple exercises + Q&A.

International bookings are welcome.

A speaking engagement can also be followed by a workshop or coaching-event, to take people deeper into the experience.

Possible topics are:

1. Unite your team in no-time.
2. Redefine your leadership style and communicate it.
3. Build and lead your team with feedback.
4. Bridge the trust-gaps and get your people onboard.

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