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Successful start-up financiers the world over, often state that they rather invest in a great team with a less then perfect idea, then a great idea with a not so great team.

A great team will eventually find their way.

Sometimes we can choose our team mates, but a lot of times not.

But by focusing on building a strong team spirit, we can always make the best of the team we have.

Do you remember meeting an important person that made you feel small and insignificant? How did it make you feel?

And the opposite, do you remember meeting an important person that made you feel expanded, energized and wanting to contribute?

The latter is what we call having an activated WeZone

My work with activating your WeZone is to develop ‘Street Wisdom’ – The implementation of self-awareness bridged with research. It’s the ability to always find ways to make situations work together..

Activating Your WeZone is like turning on your people Wi-Fi.

It takes both knowledge and skill. It’s being aware of your own behaviors, of what opens and what closes people.

It involves how to use your state, energy level and powerful connection hacks to awaken people and the team spirit.

An activated WeZone makes you able to find a way to bridge peoples differences, to connect and bond with a big range of people with different personalities and backgrounds, all in an authentic way.

It’s when this level of connection happens, we as humans more willingly want to give our best.

Think of yourself being a leader with this ability.

A strong WeZone can actually be the very bases for the success of your project or even of your whole career.


to get the best from each other in your team.


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