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My U.S. Speaking Reel for the speech on love, recorded outside Washington DC in July 2015.

We know that it’s together we are able to solve the big challenges, implement necessary change and create the needed flow in the daily operations.

We also know that to give our best, we need to feel our best. Feeling a strong sense of we, trust and someone having our back.

So whatever you want to create or achieve. Make sure to start with boosting your workplace or team with the ability to get the best from each other, to really make your project or business take off together.


– Would you like to know more about how to boost a strong sense of we, and get your team to really take off?

– Know how to develop the very essence of your leadership and teamwork?

– Experience how you can elevate your energy in just 5 min?

– Be able to bridge trust-gaps and get people onboard, in difficult conversations, conflicts or when you need to get that extra out of your team?

– Simply learn more on how to get the best from eachother at work, in your team or business?


My work is about exploring the intersection of business strategy and the evolution of human consciousness. Aka awakening.

I share my own journey from lonely wolf – separated by feeling lonely and non supported, to finding freedom to connect and the ability to get the best from each other.

I bring 25 years experience of facilitating seminars and trainings. Focused on ’Street Wisdom’, creating self awareness by exploring what works and doesn’t work, together with leaders, teams and couples.

My journey is also shared in my bestselling book FUN as a Business Idea.

The foundation of my work developed by attending years of meditation retreats and existential therapy trainings inspired by Zen, Buddhism, Osho, Byron Katie, Ratu Bagus and many more.
I also hold a degree in economics and marketing (IHM) and learned entrepreneurship the hard way by running my own businesses since a young age.

Through the years I’ve worked with leaders and teams from Volvo, Ericsson, SVA, Telia, TDC, The Swedish Armed Forces and many others.
A few years ago I relocated from my native Sweden to Bali, to explore Asia and to work internationally.

Tags: #WeZoning #Together #Connection #SenseOfWe #Trust #EssenceOfLeadership #EssenceOfTeamwork #ChangeManagement #Lean # Agile #CoCreation

The #Together talk and conversation is delivered both in a TED 18 minute format and a longer session up to a 1,5 hours.
The longer version obviously creates more impact when we have time to do some simple exercises.

International bookings are welcome and accepted depending on the date and size of the engagement. Please get in touch and lets talk.

A speaking engagement can also be followed by a workshop or coaching-event, to take people deeper into the experience. Possible topics are:
1. Unite your team in no-time.
2. Redefine your leadership style and communicate it.
3. Lead and grow with feedback.
4. Bridge the trust-gaps and get your people onboard.

After spending a cool three years solid as # 1 in the Swedish Business Book Club, the book is now being updated and finally translated into english! Will be released digitally during spring 2020.

What people say about doing the WeZoning work:

’After working with team-building most of my career, with Stefan I have now experienced an even faster way to reach the WE together.’

Hans Hadding
Former Manager of Leadership Trainings
Swedish Armed Forces

’Already in the first session I saw my possible future. By un-cluttering my business, focusing my offer and by building real relationships with my ideal clients, it actually solved most of my perceived problems in one go.’

Ida Ayu Suci Levi
Jakarta, Indonesia

’I find this approach approach fun, fresh and straight on. 
Stefan presents connection in a very simple and usable way.
I recommend this work to anybody serious about their work as well as having a truly juicy and loving relationship in their lifetime.’

Gabriela Castillo 
Spiritual teacher & Healer to the stars 
Miami, USA

April 2019. Together with Fredrik Härén, (in the white shirt) Chairman Of Asia Professional Speakers Singapore and Chris Robb to his left, we created Bali Speakers, the start of Indonesia Professional Speakers.