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What is you best team experience? How did it make you feel? What could you achieve together if you could re-create that team spirit?

When feeling great in a team it is often a mix of feeling totally supported to try out new bold ideas and feeling safe enough to fail and try again.

Some personalities might not think they need this safety, but most people actually do, at least to be able to perform at their best level year after year.

Creating a team foundation where this is possible we call activating a WeZone.

My work with activating your WeZone is to develop ‘Street Wisdom’ – The implementation of self-awareness bridged with research. It’s the ability to always find ways to make situations work together.


I see this as the very essence of Team Work.
We are living in a polarized world. A strong WeZone makes us bridge
our differences.

It makes us relax, trust and bond on a level that we willingly want to
give our best together.

When this happens, it’s what we usually refer to as belonging to a
dream team.

Activating Your WeZone is like turning on your people Wi-Fi.
It’s takes both knowledge and skill. It’s being aware of your own
behaviors, of what opens and what closes people.

How to use your state, energy level and powerful connection hacks to
awaken people and the team spirit

Although it is finally the leaders responsibility to lead the team, all members must do their part creating the context they need to be their best.

This is true leadership, weather or not you have the title to go with it, or not.

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